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David Arandle (TET).
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Anyone, but particularly animators, will tell you that creating animation requires a lot of work and effort. 

Sometimes just a single second of quality animation can take hours to complete. Obviously this isn't viable or ideal for animators just starting out, or independent creators, who need to make a lot of animation quickly.

The Lazy Animator website is intended to be a resource for animators of all skill levels looking for ways to create more animation with less effort, so they can make even more animation in the same amount of time (or just make the same amount of animation in less time).

The site is not for animation purists who want to lovingly make high quality, hand drawn, 2D animated master pieces. If that's you then by all means stick to your guns, your work is awesome. Rather it's for animators who just want to get their animated stories made with just enough animation to get their message across.

Created by me (David Arandle (TET)). I founded my own animation and design service, Art Time Productions, in 1997, and I'm a veteran of using 'drag'n'drop' sites like Vyond (formerly GoAnimate), PowToons, Animaker, Plotagon, and more. I've even run my own business making explainer videos with Vyond for more than ten years.

In 2012 I discovered Reallusion's Cartoon Animator (formerly CrazyTalk Animator) Software, which really is the ultimate 2D animation studio for anyone trying to produce quality animation quickly.

Reallusion recognized my ability with their software and made me a Certified Reallusion Trainer.

I'm also a strong advocate for using free, opensource, and low cost software whenever possible. I generally only buy software if I can't find a free alternative. If you think you can't get into animation because it's too expensive you're wrong. There's literally free software options for almost every platform.

Hopefully you'll find this site becomes more and more useful as I add more courses, tutorials, and resources to it.

The Lazy Animator, David Arandle (TET)
Filming myself with a GoPro
for all that 'lazy' action!
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David Arandle (TET)
The Lazy Animator