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The Lazy Animator Beginner's Guide to Cartoon Animator - The Fastest Way to Learn Reallusion's 2D Animation Software Application

Have you ever just wanted to learn Cartoon Animator, and become a power user, as quickly as possible without having to navigate all the official video tutorials that don't really cover everything in a logical order?  Or have you been frustrated by really entertaining beginners courses that run you through a fun, step by step project, but doesn't get you to where you need to be to really get the best out of Cartoon Animator's incredibly powerful studio?  Either way you're left navigating the backwater of free tutorials on YouTube... not to mention the online manual that no one ever reads, because it's more a reference tool than a learning guide. The Lazy Animator, Beginner's Guide to Cartoon Animator is the kind of course I wish was available when I was learning the software back in 2012.  With just over three and a half hours of video tutorials it is a crash course in all the main features you need to know in order to make 2D animated cartoons with Cartoon Anim