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Test Your Skills with The Lazy Animator Beginner's Guide to Cartoon Animator Demonstration Project

If you have completed The Lazy Animator Beginner's Guide to Cartoon Animator and are in need of a project to help retain all your newly gained knowledge, without having to start from scratch, then this Demonstration 'draft' Project should do the trick. The project comes with a suggestion sheet of potential 'upgrades' you could make that will test some of the skills you learned throughout the Beginner's Guide Course. There's also a storyboard document so you can match 'suggested' camera shots if you wish (or you can make up your own). All the character audio files (created with Replica Studios AI voices) are included should you need to reimport any dialogue into the project (or add your own dialogue if you sign up to Replica Studios for 30 minutes of free Text To Speech audio). The Demonstration Project is still worth buying, even if you haven't bought the Beginner's Guide Aside from being able to use it to test your own Cartoon Animator kno